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Community Matters! 


Community defines the Blue Ridge culture. Spending time interacting in local gatherings is sure to build great character, memories and friendships!

Some ways to have fun at community events are noted below. For more ideas, visit our volunteering page.

Thank you for your interest in exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains! All events on this page are examples of fun community gatherings that help people spend more time with nature. Some of these events are led by a guide. Group size is limited on guided events and registration is required.

In addition to this Community page, you can find even more recommended experiences on the following pages:

Art  ...  Food  ...  Hiking  ...  Learning  ...  Music 


Featured Current Events


Hike or Bike Along the New River Trail

New River Trail State Park

Tuesdays, May-September, 9:00am

Hikes will be 3-5 miles, and bike rides will be 15-25 miles. The starting locations along this 57-mile trail change to keep the experiences fresh. Bike rentals and shuttles are available. The crushed-stone trail is 12-feet wide with almost no elevation change in most locations. Participants receive a day pass for the Galax Recreation Center (think pool, gym!).


Rainfall, snow or temperatures below 40-degrees will cancel the the event in most cases. The group size will be limited to 12 and pre-registration is required. 

Click here to Register (required)


More about the New River Trail State Park

More about the Galax Recreation Center


Deep Nature Explorers

Various Locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Monthly Events

We each experience Nature in our own ways. While we easily know where our physical bodies are, what happens to our minds and spirits? How are our senses aroused? Do you think our interactions with nature have an impact on our day-to-day living and how we relate to ourselves, with others, and with the planet?

The intention of Deep Nature Explorers is to encourage people to delve into these questions using presencing and deep observation methods on guided three-to-six mile walks through beautiful settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The group size will be limited to 12 and pre-registration is required. 

Visit the Deep Nature Explorers registration page for more information


Forest Bathing

Blue Ridge Music Center, Galax, VA

Second Sundays, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Shinrin-yoku, otherwise known as forest bathing, is the practice of totally immersing yourself in nature. This experience of walking silently and slowly through a forest promotes good health simply through the process of breathing the air around us, and can also inspire an abundant awareness of connection. The trails at the Music Center are perfect for this.


Before starting, you will receive some tips on how to get the most enjoyment from the activity so a 10-minute early arrival is highly recommended. After our walk on warm days, we can consider picnicking, journaling, writing haiku or simply sitting. Sharing your creations (and picnic snacks!) with the group are encouraged, although totally optional. On colder days, we can have a brief sharing circle in a beautiful setting before departing.

Walking distance will be less than a mile on relatively flat terrain and participants will be at least 10 feet apart. Although this event is offered for free, group size is limited to ten and pre-registration is required.


About Shinrin-Yoku (3-minute video)


A Scientific Perspective (7-minute video)

More Science? (4-minute video)


Mild-Weather Events

We'll update this info in March 2023

Mid-Day Mountain Music

Blue Ridge Music Center, Galax, VA

Every Day, June-October, 12:00pm - 4pm

As part of the Music Center's educational mission, live music is performed by local musicians for free in a covered breezeway that seats about 40 people, socially distanced. In addition to the music, musicians will offer short historical and social tales in between some of the songs. Inside the building is a museum displaying a wealth of information in the form of text, photographs, video, audio, and musical instrument displays depicting the origins of Appalachian music and people, history and how all that relates to current places, music and life in the mountains. In addition, there are hiking trails behind the center that offer an abundance of indigenous species, some of them rare and found nowhere else. Free guided hikes are available. Contact us for more information.

More about the Blue Ridge Music Center

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Summer Concerts at the Pavilion

Blue Ridge Music Center, Galax, VA

Saturdays, June-September, 7:00pm

Although this venue's top-tiered performers and 3,000 person audience may seem large in print, the staff and musicians do wonders with making you feel like you are part of a small intimate community, sharing a special time under the stars.

More about the Blue Ridge Music Center

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Art in the Park

Blowing Rock, NC

Saturdays & Sundays, May-October

Once a month (usually second weekend, but check web page for dates), downtown Blowing Rock comes alive with afternoon locally created arts, crafts, and music. 

More about Art in the Park 

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John C. Campbell Folk School

Campbell, NC

Various Dates & Virtual

This school offers weekend and week-long classes for adults in the folk arts including crafts, music, dance and more, as well as community events such as contra-dancing, singing and festivals.

More about the Folk School 

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Penland School of Craft

Penland, NC

Various Dates & Virtual

Drawing on the talent of instructors across the globe, Penland offers week-long workshops and residencies for adults in various crafts such as books and paper, clay, drawing and painting, glass, iron, metals, photography, printmaking and letterpress, textiles, wood, and other media in the folk arts traditions.

More about Penland 

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By participating in events noted on this website, you agree to the terms below:

I acknowledge that this website serves only as an information guide to certain events, activities and venues and has no connection or relationship with these entities. In addition, I fully realize that hiking and other activities noted on this website could involve risks of personal injury, property damage, or loss of my person or property. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and same for persons with whom are in my party, waive and release any claims or rights against the owners of this website, all associated leaders, guides, other volunteers and participants for any and all injury, damages or loss to my person or property incurred during this activity. I also understand that the owners of this website,
 all associated leaders, guides, other volunteers and participants are not required, nor should it be assumed that they are CPR/First Aid/Wilderness Survival Certified and I am responsible for my own personal safety.

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