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Misty Slopes


As you travel through these beautiful mountains that can be sun-drenched with myriad colors or rain-glistened and bathing in blue, you will discover the most amazing experiences you cannot find anywhere else.  -- J Furman 


Transformations in the Blue Ridge Mountains


There's always something new and exciting going on here, and also within ourselves. While we are deeply experiencing the awesomeness of this place, personal transformations can happen! Visit this page often to view the latest and wildest recommendations for engaging with these natural habitats.


If you enjoy nature and creatively teaching others, contact us about leading or co-leading an event. 









Nature Photographer


We seek out organizations and venues that are locally influenced and offer immersive experiences of Blue Ridge Mountain culture and habitats. We try to share as many free offerings as possible on this web resource so these experiences are accessible to all.

























Where do you find yourself sitting or walking most often? What do you discover in these places? Do you feel like there is no other place you'd rather be?


Nature has a way of presenting opportunites for deep connections. When you're totally present in a natural space, whether sitting or walking, listening or just being, you will discover the most awesome treasures. Whenever you have a question or you are presented with a challenge, find a tree, a river, a sunset, or other pleasant natural form. Then, quiet your mind and breathe softly. The discoveries may surprise you!





Mountain Treasures

For experiencing arts and crafts in beautiful outdoor settings, visit the Art page
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nature-influenced learning experiences, visit the Learning page

To enjoy the best sound experiences under the stars, visit the Music page
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Discover the Treasures of the Blue Ridge Mountains

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